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About Mezger


Mezger Enterprises, Inc is the largest limestone quarrier, full service supplier, and limestone fabricator in the Southwest. Providing architects, masons, builders and consumers with raw slab and block, architectural cut stone and custom designs for over 30 years, Mezger consistently delivers high quality products and services on commercial, residential, municipal, and landscaping applications.

Quarried from the Lueders Basin in West Texas, Mezger Enterprises owns more than 1100 acres of land, quarrying five different types of limestone that can be custom cut and honed, including West Texas Cream, Texas Cream, Shell Stone, Lueders Limestone and Level 5 Limestone.

Mezger Enterprises operates two production facilities. The 30,000-square foot Lueders, TX operation primarily services large scale commercial and residential projects, while the 40,000 square foot operation in Lampasas, TX primarily produces architectural cut stone for large, high-end residential and commercial projects.

Family owned and operated since 1978, Mezger Enterprises built its foundation and reputation on providing unique, custom, quality products and reliable, exceptional customer service. A full service custom cut limestone company, Mezger Enterprises offers an extensive inventory and a wide range of colors, grades, and products that can be shipped and delivered worldwide.

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