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Stone Types & Colors


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MezgerStone quarries from the Hog Creek Quarry located within the Permian Basin in West Texas. Mezger’s Hog Creek Quarry produces exceptional Lueders limestone. Hog Creek Lueders has a high compression strength and a low absorption rate. Mezger’s Hog Creek Lueders withstands extreme weather and maintains its natural appearance making it an appealing choice for architectural carvings, moldings, paving, veneers, columns, balusters, coping and fireplaces. 


Hog Creek Lueders provides a range of colors but Frisco Buff and Avoca Charcoal are the most prominent.  There are four basic finishes for Hog Creek Lueders although there are several additional surfaces available as well. The basic finishes are SmoothFace, RoughBack, SplitFace, and RockFace.


Along with Lueders Limestone, Mezger offers fabrication of several other limestone types quarried from regions throughout Texas. These types include Texas Cream, Cordova Cream, Texas Shellstone and Level 5 Limestone


Hog Creek Lueders Limestone

Gorgeous Fireplace Carving in Frisco Buff
Frisco Buff
Avoca Charcoal Wall with varied course heights and bed depths
Avoca Charcoal
Basic Finishes
Jon Hagler Center Texas A&M
Jon Hagler Center Texas A&M

Frisco Buff smooth face.

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Roughback Lueders
Roughback Lueders

Hog Creek RoughBack sawn to multi-coursed and lengths

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Avoca Charcoal Splitface
Avoca Charcoal Splitface

Sawn, coursed, varied lengths

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Rockface Example
Rockface Example

Sawn, coursed, full bed depth veneer

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Other Limestones

Texas Shellstone Fountain
Texas Shellstone
Texas Shellstone Planter
Cordova Cream Smooth with SplitFace Bands
Cordova Cream
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